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10 Useful Travel Tips for Modern Day Women

Travel and tourism, both are an integral part of the life of an Australian. The diverse geography of the country ranging from the snow capped mountains of the Australian Alps and Tasmania to the large deserts, to the tropical and temperate forests to the Great Barrier Reef, all grab the attention of travellers. To enjoy the vast territory of this adventurous domain, you need to take some precautions. These are especially required for women travellers, not just in Australia but the world.  So here are our 10 Useful Travel Tips for Modern Day Women. 1) Knowledge about the place: Before travelling, if someone..  - Read More

Tips to Staying Safe During your Travels

The world is not pretty safe for women and this is applicable in any corner of the globe. So whether you are in Paris or in Afghanistan, you need to be aware of your own safety as you cannot actually travel at the mercy of others. Here are a few helpful tips to staying safe during your travels.  1. Stay in well-lit areas: Even if that costs a few more bucks, don't settle for a gloomy and clumsy area. Choose your accommodations near town and crowded places. Keep an eye for accommodation with 24x7 desk support. 2. Don't act loose..  - Read More

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